Good Governance enhancement through e-Learning for Sport Volunteer Board Members (GReFORM) / 2018-2020

“Good Governance enhancement through e-Learning for Sport Volunteer Board Members (GReFORM)” aims to increase the capabilities and knowledge of volunteer Board Members in sport organisations by providing online and research-informed education on Good Governance in sport. The development of an online learning electronic portal will allow board members of sports organisations, especially Volunteer -in their own time- to follow a series of educational modules on Good Governance principles. By providing up-to-date, research-informed and quality oriented educational support to Volunteer Board Members, the good governance of sport organisation will be strengthened. Specific objectives:• Support, promote and implement important political actions derived from European Sport Policies supporting Good Governance in sport. Dissemination and implementation of the Principles of Good Governance in Sport especially those drafted by the EU Expert Group on Good Governance in sport, through the education especially of Volunteers in sport governing with an online tool.• Build-on the related outcomes and utilization of knowledge gained from the preparatory actions in the field of sport granted by the EC on Promoting Volunteering in Sport (2009) and Good Governance in Sport (2011 & 2013) as well as from the Erasmus + projects in the field of sport from 2014 – 2016.• Build on the outputs of the implementation of the two Council Resolutions on EU Work Plans on Sport and take into consideration of the main priorities, key topics and the expected outputs of the new one for the period 2017 – 2020. • Increase the evidence-base on the educational needs of Volunteer on good governance of sport ogranisations across Europe and collection of good practices.• Capacity development in sport organisations through learning opportunities by leveraging the tools offered from online education.• Raise awareness and spread the benefits offered through online education on Good Governance

GReFORM Kick-off meeting event: UCLan Cyprus, 14-15 February 2018. All partners.


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