CEDAR faculty and associate fellows are of international repute and are credited with local, regional, and global initiatives seeking to promote teaching, executive education, research, consulting, and outreach activities in the entrepreneurship discipline.


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Dr Christos Anagnostopoulos 

Sports Business Management; Business Plans


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Dr Panagiotis Kontakos

Entrepreneurship; Energy economics; banking; Circular economy


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Dr Olga Kvasova

Management; Marketing; Consumer Behaviour; Corporate Social Responsibility


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Dr Anthi Avloniti 

Internationalisation; Top management Team Diversity; Diversity in the Board of Directors


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Dr Nearchos Paspallis

Computing; Software engineering; Programming


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Dr Irina Lokhtina

Human Resource Management; Workplace learning; Training in smaller firms


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Dr Konstantinos Kakoudakis

Seasonality in family-owned hotels; Working conditions in small hotels


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Dr Ioanna Stylianou

Economic growth; Forecasting; Econometrics


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Dr Isabella Karasamani

Corporate finance; Behavioural Finance; Corporate Structure


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Dr Konstantinos Melas

Economics and Finance