The University of Cambridge has appointed the Chair of CEDAR, Professor Panikkos Poutziouris as an Honorary Fellow

The University of Cambridge, in recognition of the expertise of Professor Panikkos Poutziouris in the field of  Entrepreneurship and Family Business Development, has appointed him as an Honorary Fellow with the Economics and Policy Group. This appointment constitutes an exceptional honour for Professor Panikos Poutziouris, who today is the Rector of UCLan Cyprus and Chair of the Center for Entrepreneurship-CEDAR.

Professor Poutziouris said that the main scope of his appointment is to promote training, research and innovative initiatives aiming to highlight and strengthen the principles of sustainable development and circular economics across the entrepreneurial economy dominated by small and medium-sized family businesses and business families.
In particular,  Professor Poutziouris will continue with the delivery of an experiential workshop as part of an Executive Education Programme involving next-generation leaders and executives of family businesses with the focus on Responsible Family Business & Wealth Ownership; building business success but also respecting the ethics of responsible ownership and the principles of sustainable – cyclical economy.

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