CEDAR faculty is involved in the following externally funded projects and collaborations: 

  • 7th Framework Programme: Responsible Research and Innovation in Business and Industry in the Domain of ICT for, Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing – FP7 European Commission;
  • Other research activities and partnerships:      Inclusive Entrepreneurship – with OECD – reporting on Best Practices to support Female, Youth, and Rural Entrepreneurship
  • TEVEA survey on Touristic Development in Famagusta – trends in all inclusive tourism
  • Research Bids:

– Entrepreneurial Knowledge Alliances – Erasmus +

–  Access to SME finance –in the context of the  crisis; bid via invitation, to London based ACCA

  • Special Issue: International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research : Trust, Social Capital and Competitive Advantages of Family Businesses, Guest Editors: Y. Wang (Wolverhampton University), P. Poutziouris (UClan Cyprus ), C. Graves (Adelaide University)
  • ‘FEME’: Football for Educating, Motivating and Engaging youth
  • Social Responsibility Of and Though Sport Enterprises


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